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Posted on Friday, July 7, 2023

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Full time

Who are we looking for

A marketing jack-of-all-trades with well rounded 2+ years of experience and a keen eye for presentation. You will work on our Marketing and Community Engagement functions together with the CEO and business team. You will take the lead in creative and digital marketing, and enhance our online/offline presence.

The problems you will solve

You will need to be a high-performer comfortable working in a fast-paced role.
Email marketing: Manage all email marketing to drive leads to the sales team through successful campaigns.
Drive reactive / proactive engagements with customers and partners on data protection, privacy engineering, and Generative AI.
Web design: Actively manage our company website to reflect all updates and give our customers as well as investors the right impression.
SEO: Use SEO to boost organic rankings and ensure that our company’s site is seen by the right people.
Analytics: Rigorously test marketing strategies and measure their performance with data.
Guide the business team while preserving their right to be flexible and creative.
Experience in events: As a start-up, we need to have an impressive first showing at events and trade shows. You will need to make our company look good at public appearances and forums through designing promotional materials and managing all event details.
Branding/PR: As we are building a trust product, you will need to build confident and trusting buzz around our brand by building partnerships and relationships.
Being an expert in PR and branding is not a must, but you should be able to adapt and manage these processes for our brand.
Technical writing: Beyond crafting compelling product benefits in brochures, you will need to work with our business team on internal process documentation, internal policy writing, contract creation, user manual creation, and other technical writing tasks.
Understanding of product messaging: You will work with the CEO in communicating our vision to the world, helping our business team to craft compelling emails communicating product benefits and creating other key written product assets.
Articulate Betterdata’s positioning by building key arguments and fact-based narratives (in written and visual form).
Ability to match writing to personas: You will need to be comfortable wearing different hats and shifting your writing style to match different buyer personas.

The impact you will have

This is your career on “adventure mode” as you will directly report to the CEO.
Expect unparalleled immersion in the start-up ecosystem, from strategic to the tactical. The scope (international, spanning data policy/advocacy/compliance work) and caliber (C-level interaction) that this role demands are atypical and filled with growth. This degree of access will be highly valuable to any candidate keen to learn more about Generative AI and Privacy Engineering, and get front-row seats to the shifting technological regulatory landscape.

About you

A marketing jack-of-all-trades used to wearing multiple hats, and is experienced in most areas of marketing.
2+ years experience in any marketing focus.
Probably, but not necessarily, a Social Science/Communications/Public Policy graduate/professional, looking for a challenge beyond the PR/marketing/public service trichotomy.
Being comfortable in writing any voice and form: a 15k-word white paper, a 1-page press release, or a brief Telegram message.
Quick to understand and simplify technical/economic/legal language, with attention to tone and nuance.
Competent in qualitative (and occasionally quantitative) analysis, and capable with slides.
Able to keep a keen eye on and successfully juggle many ongoing items.
A joy to work with: on Zoom and in person.
Nice to have
Passion for security and privacy
Knowledge of basic AI concepts
International publications
As Andrew Ng said, “Don’t worry about it if you don’t understand”. We know there are a lot of things we listed in what you will be doing and we do not expect you to have all of the skills needed at the start. Each of us at Betterdata are learning something new every day – as long as you have the willingness to learn, please apply!

Why this job is awesome

Betterdata offers significant room for advancement within the company and supports personal development thanks to the explosive ongoing growth in privacy engineering and AI domains. A few good reasons to join us:
We work closely with academia, regulators, and an international customer base.
Work-life balance: While we are a start-up and some variance in hours/activities is to be expected, we strongly value work-life balance, with a positive and fun team culture.
You will be a core member of the team, participating in the shaping of the company as we grow.
Work schedule with complete autonomy
Flexible time-off arrangements
No unnecessary meetings that take your time away from work
Flexible work arrangements - desk space at:
High-tech hubs in Singapore or fully remote

How to apply

Betterdata is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive workspace for all employees. If you are an enthusiastic, motivated individual looking to make a real impact in the tech world, we would love to hear from you.
Submit your application here
If the above does not work, you may email us your CV (pdf format) at
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Indicate your available start - end dates (DDMMYY - DDMMYY)
Send along links/supporting information that best showcase the relevant things you have built and done
Take the leap and apply today to join us on our journey to reshape the data landscape!