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Metro Manila, Philippines
Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2024


What we're tackling 🪵

Rundoo exists to improve the marketplace for building materials. There are ~$1,000,000,000,000 of building materials bought every year in the US (a full 5% of US GDP is just transacting materials!), and the vast majority of these transactions happen over the phone or in-person and then live in 40-year-old point-of-sale (POS) systems. We aim to bring all these transactions online, thereby making it safer and more efficient to build.

Who we are 🤗

We are currently 22 people & 6 dogs. In alphabetical order:

  • Adam (Territory Account Executive): studied Communications at UConn (Go Huskies!) and worked as an AE at a large cloud software company (Box); a frequent at concerts around the greater NYC area in his spare time 🫡

  • Amanda (Recruiting & Operations); studied marketing at De La Salle University; worked in recruiting at a few startups; loves SCUBA diving! 🌊

  • Andrew (CTO): studied computer science & humanities at Stanford; worked as a software engineer and head of engineering at Apple & Anova; danced with the SF ballet (where he met his wife)! 🩰

    • Gemma (Andrew's Bernedoodle): *fiercely protecting Andrew* 🐶

  • Brian (Engineering): studied computer science & applied math at NJIT and UC Davis; worked as an engineer at Google, Snap, and Common Networks; LoL player and Earthquakes fan ⚽

    • Luna (Brian's chocolate lab): *looking longingly at YB* 🦮

  • Clara (Territory Account Executive): studied Literature at University College London; worked in GTM strategy for a feminine health tech startup in Paris and then came to the bay to work in sales for Verkada; often seen doing a headstand 🧘‍♀️

  • Emmie (Engineering): studied math & computer science at Stanford; worked as a software engineer at Flexport; loves confetti cake 🧁 and almond croissants 🥐

  • George (Engineering): studied computer science at Stanford; worked as a software engineer at Facebook; exclusively reacts on Slack with the shaka! 🤙

  • Iliana (Engineering): studied Creative Computing at the University of London; worked as a software engineer at ApolloGraphQL and Valstro; Self-proclaimed singer/songwriter 🎤, and currently obsessed with Baldurs Gate 3 ⚔️

    • Rain (Iliana’s chihuahua mix): *ghost-barks at anyone who isn’t Iliana* 🐾✨

  • Joe (Territory Account Executive): studied math & computer science at Stanford; worked as a consultant at Bain & Company; has been pulled over for speeding on a bicycle but never in a car 🚴‍♂️

  • Jordan (Engineering intern): studying computer engineering at the University of Waterloo; worked at Rivian, IBM, and elsewhere; plays the saxophone professionally 🎷

  • Kyle (Territory Account Executive): Studied Anthropology and History at UNCW; Has been a seller for companies big and small, mostly in the Software space. Is self-taught in catching snakes barehanded🐍

    • Mango (Kyle's corgi): *demanding pets from everyone he meets* 🐾🥭

  • Matt (Territory Account Executive): studied history at Northwestern; taught middle school in Chicago (hardest job ever), more recently worked in sales and general management at a fishing tackle company (Catch Co.); former competitive angler in college (bass fishing 🎣)

  • Max (Territory Account Executive): studied neuro at Dartmouth; worked as a consultant at Bain & Company and as a PM for RabbitHole; has broken his neck exactly one time (and coincidentally has tried parkour exactly one time 🤸‍♀️)

  • Nahom (Engineering): studied neuroscience & computer science at MIT; worked on Ads for Amazon Music; self-proclaimed music historian 🎵

    • Brodie (Nahom's Frenchie): *muffled paper ripping* 🐾

  • Nesh (Engineering): studied electrical engineering at Kenyatta university; worked as a SWE at a variety of startups; big SpongeBob guy! 🧽

  • Nick (CEO): studied math & computer science at Stanford; worked as a trader at Bridgewater & Citadel and as a PM at Google & Enigma; distantly related to the founder of the Hershey company 🍫

    • YB (Nick's Belgian Malinois): *looking longingly at Luna* 🐕

  • Roman (Engineering): studied computer science at Illinois Institute of Technology; worked as Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Manager, and Director of Engineering across YouTube, Groupon, Square,, and Evidation. Loves Argentine Tango, Dota2, Burning Man, fire spinning, and sharing poetry. 🔥

  • Santiago (Engineering): studied computer engineering at University of Waterloo; worked as SWE intern at The Cooperators, Inflight, BitBakery, Replicant; played lots of soccer, loves rap and r&b 🎧

  • Shalon (Engineering): studied Computer Science at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology; worked as a SWE at various startups; Rick & Morty enthusiast! 🛰️

  • Shloka (Engineering): studied Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley (Gooo Bears 🐻); worked as an EMT and a teacher for a CS bootcamp; writes poetry and plays chess!♟️

  • Tyler (Client Success): studied general education and tech at Cabrillo College; worked as a system administrator for a short time and at a paint store (Kings paint!!!) for eight years, manager for two; likes to play most video games, currently playing Diablo 4. 🕹

  • Umer (Engineering): studied computer science at National University of Singapore; worked as a SWE intern at Visa and an NLP chatbot startup; has an identical twin! 👯‍♂️

  • Zach (Design): studied product design at Stanford; worked in design at a few startups; currently wearing socks with cocktails on them! 🍹

What we stand for ⭐️

The values we hold most dear are learning through feedback and experimentation, enjoying our time together, truly empathizing with clients (we've worked at paint stores & lumber yards!), building a diverse team, and driving to achieve as fast as we can.

How we've fundraised 💰

We raised a $2 million round in April 2021 led by Kent Bennett at Bessemer, and including investments from Plug & Play, Quiet Capital, and angels. We raised a $5 million round in July 2022 led by Caitlin Bolnick Rellas at CRV and Kent from Bessemer.

This Role

What you'll achieve with us 🥇

You'll be on the ground floor of a high-growth company:

  • You'll operate out of the Philippines and export data from our client's old POS system (Quickbooks, Decor fusion).

  • You'll be updating the Notion database per client.

  • You'll do manual data entry work.

  • You'll earn $175/week.

Requirements ✅

  • You're knowledgeable with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

  • You're highly detail oriented.

  • You have a fast internet connection.

  • You're available to work Tuesdays - Saturdays, 6:00 am - 2:00 pm Philippine Time.

  • You're available to meet once a week in Muntinlupa City.

  • You're available on call during Go-Lives.

Icing on the cake 🎂

  • You have experience with POS systems.

Interview process

  • Intro Call (30 min): Simply for us to get to know one another!

  • Homework (1 hour): You will be sent looms on how the job will be like.

  • Meet the team (1.5 hours): A remote interview focused on quick learning

    • Culture (30 min): Discussing your experience and goals with Nick.

    • Sample job (1 hour): Sample task exporting data + detail oriented test.